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Thank you all who were able to attend the first ever North County Consortium FRC Workshop. Incase you were unable to attend or would just like to have them as reference, attached below are presentations from some of the presenters.

The SuperNURDs have discovered after hours of searching that decrepit FRC batteries can be properly disposed of at American Battery. They can be found at 525 W Washington Ave, Escondido, CA 92025, and can be reached by phone at (760) 746-8010.

This past Saturday, the SuperNURDs attended the FIRST Robotics Competition kickoff for our 2017 build season. The event was held at the ViaSat campus in Carlsbad and was attended by more than a dozen North County robotics teams. In the game reveal we were presented with FIRST SteamWorks. It is a steam punk themed game. Teams compete and score points by building steam pressure, starting rotors for the field airship, and latch their robots to the airships via ropes.

The game was introduced via worldwide Comcast NBC Universal by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and founder of FIRST robotics. After the kick-off, we headed up to Trade Tech High School where we joined 11 other teams: 3255 SuperNURDs, 6695 Alpha Knights, 6659 Cougar Robotics, 5137 Iron Kodiaks, 4014 Top Hat Technicians, 1622 Team Spyder, 2839 The Daedalus Project, 4919 LeoDroids, 4486 Blue Prints 3021, The Agency, and 6382 RBV Robotics to discuss this year’s game.

We begin by splitting off in to different groups to...

Sarah, our pit crew mentor, and Tom, our Pit Crew/ Safety Lead, worked together to write a safety manual for all teams to use. Included in the manual is everything from advice on how to stay safe when working on electronics to general advice for a safe environment. Other teams are welcome to use this manual for maintaining the safety of their team and even making their own manuals in order to spread awareness of the importance of safety.  


Wallpapers! Sport our designs on your desktop!

 Click here to view more!

Feel free to use our logos and brand in graphics, videos, and online media as long as you follow the SuperNURDs Branding guide.

*please contact us for use on commercial products

Click here to download our 

Branding Guide and Offical Graphics

Now that the 2015 Season is over, the SuperNURDs have made their award winning code public! Our 2015 code won the Innovation in Control Award at San Diego Regional and powered our Regional Winning Robot, Iron Can. Our team then went on to earn 4th place in the Hopper Division at World Champs!

You can view our GitHub page at:


And our 2015 Robot, Iron Can, code at:


Feel free to use our code as a learning resource!

The following is a response to the recent post on the FRC Blog found here:


Team 3255, The SuperNURDs, were saddened to hear of the controversy regarding our alliance win at the San Diego FRC regional event. While the missed calls were unfortunate, it has also created a forum for even more significant untold stories to come out. Here are just a few of those stories:

* Team 4486 was formed by incubating students from Trade Tech High School into Team 3255 during the 2012 season. After travelling with us to St. Louis that year after we won the San Diego Regional, they went on to form their own team and won the San Diego regional in 2014. The lead mentor for Team 4486 is also the husband of our lead mentor.

* During a qualification match, Team 3255 experienced comms issues. The FTA indicated that it appeared to be unique to our robot. While working in our pits to diagnose the issue, a mentor from Team 1538 came to assist wit...

With help from FRC Teams: Iron Kodiaks, Top Hat Technician, Blue Prints, and Leodriods, the SuperNURDs have created a Kick-off day game manual summary and cheat sheet full of important details and quick numbers for this year's game of Recycle Rush!

Click here for the Kickoff Summary

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

Here is a link to the the FRC Game page along with a chart that can help you guys keep track of points.


Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

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Feel free to browse our code for ideas or help in programing your robots!



The Chief Delphi forums are the central location for FIRST Robotics teams to communicate and share knowledge. Join today!



AndyMark is an official sponsor and supplier for FIRST. Any replacement parts, wheels or even a full chassis can be purchased here!



The Blue Alliance is a repository of videos spanning several years of FRC competitions. The videos and match scores serve as a vital resource for teams during the competition season. This site is particularly helpful in providing data for scouting. 




FRC Director, Frank Merrick, keeps teams up to date with all FRC related news.



FIRST offers some ideas as to how a team should be setup and organized to maximize communication and development.



As mentorship is one of the most important features of this program, it is important to understand its role in the program. This link offers a wealth of information to mentors as it provides guidelines and tips.



It is not easy to build a robot, but this link provides a list of resources that are helpful to all teams.


(Link descriptions taken from Team 399: Eagle Robotics, please take the time to visit their site and support their team at team399.org)

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