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December 3rd 2016-

    The SuperNURDs hosted teams 2102 Paradox, 4014 Top Hat Technicians, 6695 Alpha Knights, and 2075 Enigma. Our Stats team presented how we keep stats and infromed the other teams of good strategies.

December 1st 2016-

    The SuperNURDs were invited to Pioneer Elementary School to talk in their Coding Day Assembly. Our Programming team introduced coding, STEM, FIRST and software to third, fourth, and fifth graders.

November 29th 2016-

    The SuperNURDs were guests at the Escondidio Rotary Club where we presented our team, FIRST, and STEM education. We gained the Escondido Rotary Club as a sponser and are proud them.

November 19th 2016-

    The SuperNURDs travelled to Tijuana, Mexico to help build homes for families whose homes had been destroyed . We donated supplies and and work help to help the familes support themselves.

November 17th 2016-

    The SuperNURDs visted a local Senior Citzen home where we presented our robot, our team, and the ideals of FIRST.  

November 9th-10th  2016-

    The SuperNURDs hosted middle schools, Del Dios, Rincon, Bear Valley, San Pasqual Union, from several different districts. We presented our Stronghold robot, FIRST, and STEM Education.

October 22nd  2016-

    The SuperNURDs were guests at FTC Team #11278 Virtually Creative. Our Business Team presented how they work and the functions of a Business Team on a Robotics team.


October 21st  2016-

    The SuperNURDs hosted a workshop, teaching FRC teams about team bonding and learning from your mistakes, with FRC Team #2485 The Warlords. Teams who attended include, Team #5317 Iron Kodiaks, Team #2839 Daedalus Project, Team #3021 The Agency, and 6659 Circut Breakers.


October 8th  2016-

    The SuperNURDs  attended the UnitedSTEM Warlords Conference , were they talked about Diversity and Minorities in STEM Education and encouraged people to push past those boundries.


June 4th 2016-

    The SuperNURDs were invited to Delmar Fair grounds to compete against other San Diego Teams. The SuperNURDs promoted STEM and FIRST to thousands of people at the fair.


June 3rd 2016-

    The SuperNURDs visted Pioneer Elementary, LR Green Elementary, Orange Glen Elementary, and San Pasqual Union School, where they spoke to elementary level students about FIRST and pursuing STEM education.

February 25th 2016-

    The girls of the SuperNURDs participated in the Step Out event, hosted by the Escondido Union High School Union, where they helped encourage 8th and 9th grade girls to explore the wide world of career options.


January 29th 2016-

    The SuperNURDs attended the SLAS conference where they held a booth and showed the robot to passerbys. In their free time, the students were able to learn more about professional engineering companies and see their robotic creations.


December 14th 2015-

    The SuperNURDs participated in the annual Escondido Christmas Parade and earned a first place award in the general entry category.

January 29th 2015-

    The SuperNURDs went to North Broadway Elementary to talk to over 600 kids in the grades of 3rd to 7th, talking and showing off Kryptonite II and explaining the robotics program.


Upcoming for 2015-

     For 2015 build, the SuperNURDs are raising funds to create an FLL team to further infIuence the next generation with robotics and STEM-based learning.


November 8th 2014-

     The SuperNURDs help boy scouts earn their robotics merit badges for the third year in a row. We hope to continue this tradition and greatly enjoy helping out our community by spreading the word of FIRST robotics and STEM.


February 5th 2014-

     The SuperNURDs help boy scouts earn their robotics merit badges for the second time to help the community and futher influence future FIRST members.


January 23th 2014-

 SuperNURDS are interviewed by CBS San Diego. They speak with a few students and show off some of the robot.


January 19th 2014-

A few members went down to SDCC in the Gaslamp for a SLAS visit


January 4th 2014-

The SuperNURDs opened up their base of operations to several other FIRST robotics teams for kick off 2014. The SuperNURDS and several other FIRST robotic teams in San Diego participated in this visit. It was here that Teradata demonstrated what their sponsorships to these FIRST teams mean.

December 14th 2013-

The SuperNURDs marched in the Escondido Holiday Parade. SuperNURDs win first place award in the general entry placing.

December 7th 2013-

The SuperNURDs attended the San Diego Steam Maker Faire. They worked at a booth and demoed their robot and showcased what its like to be a FIRST robotics team.

November 14th 2013-

The SuperNURDS and several other FIRST robotic teams in San Diego visited Terradata's offices . It was here that Terradata demonstrated what their sponsorships mean to these FIRST teams.

November 12th and 13th 2013-

     Before build and competition season, the SuperNURDs visit middle schools to inspire future team members and also spread the word for FIRST robotics.

March 27th 2013-

SuperNURDs and their mascots participated in the San Diego Science Fair.  They showcased their robot and STEM-based learning.


January 30th 2013-

     The SuperNURDs visit North Broadway Elementary School to spark an interest of robotics in young minds. By bringing the team's robot, we also introduced STEM-based learning.

October 2012-

The SuperNURDs had the robot deliver the crowns at the San Pasqual's Homecoming football 

game, participated in pep-rallies, and utilized our prototype t-shirt cannon

October 27th 2012-

     For the first time, the SuperNURDs help boy scouts earn their robotics merit badges to reach out to the community about FIRST.

October 24th 2012-

     The SuperNURDs take a trip to Del Dios Middle School, for the third time, to provide a robot demonstration and to create an interest for robotics and STEM education in younger minds.


Date Unknown 2012-

The SuperNURDs were invited to visit Kusi to talk about STEM education, FRC, and what it means to be a SuperNURD. 


Date Unknown 2011-

The students at our local schools, Del Dios, Bear Valley, Juniper, and San Pasqual Union, all got special demonstrations where our robot played catch with the students. 

Date Unknown 2011-

In this year, we doubled our middle and elementary school visits with the inclusion of San Pasqual Union and Bear Valley Middle school.

May 20th 2011-

     The SuperNURDs visit Juniper Elementary again to help mentor students about robotics and the different FIRST programs. 

May 6th and 7th 2011-

     On our first visit to Juniper, the SuperNURDs provided a demonstration of robotics, utilizing the Lego Mindstorm kits used in FLL robotics.

Date Unknown 2011-

We revisited Del Dios Middle School, and presented our club at the ninth-grade orientation again and furthered the ninth graders interest in STEM education.

Date Unknown 2010-

Despite this being our rookie year, we presented at Del Dios Middle School and created an after school STEM education program at our school.

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