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Parent Resources


Q: Why is my student staying so late at school?
A: As part of our program, we work on several projects and sometimes they drag on late, so students stay late to complete as much as they can.
Q: Do I have to pay for my student to participate?
A: Not at all. The SuperNURDs is a free team. We don't charge our students anything.
Q: How can I help the team?
A: While not required, we accept donations of supplies, food, or anything else that could be useful. We could also use more drivers to drive our students to events.
Q: Does my student have to attend every meeting?
A: Not at all. Most meetings aren't mandatory and students aren't required to stay the whole time.
Q: Is it fine if my child is doing another club or sport in addition to the club?
A: Absolutely. Several of our students do more than just robotics.
Q: Is being on the team dangerous for my child?
A: We safety train all our students and make sure they know how to work with all the tools. We keep the workspace as safe as we can.

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