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Week One: Brainstorming

For the first week of build season, the SuperNURDs came up with many new ideas for the new 2015 game, Recycle Rush.

Competition Preparation:

Isaac, Min, and Savannah compiled information to compose a list of requirements. This list includes rules laid out by the manual as well as several of the team's wants for the robot. In addition, the wants listed had a side note of if it was a high, medium, or low want and what justifies this want.

The pit team, consisting of Tom, Alex, Colin, Otto, and Jacob, designed and constructed the human feeder station and the scoring platform the next. Alex began cutting the parts for new mascots.

David, C.C, and Zack formed a strategy sheet to map out all of the possible strategies for the robot alliances in order to discover which ones would be the most effective.

The Robot:

The first design team began to tackle the physics of the cassette. This subsystem was designed to be capable of lifting both totes and bins so the team had to make it large enough for the bins to fit, yet small enough to have a good grip on the totes. They found parts to compress the design of the cassette enough to fit inside of the frame and make it a feasible concept. With the physics checked, they were able to lock down the frame and begin to use CAD to find dimensions while still fitting inside the dimension constraints. The team also discussed how to create a mechanism capable of lifting a trash can.

The electrical and programming team, made up of Matt S, Tyler, Chanly, C.C, and Jacob, configured three of the roboRIO’s so they would be ready when the time came to implement them on the robot. Once they were configured, the began to write code for the test board and performed troubleshooting on it to remove the flaws. After that, they began configuring a second laptop to serve as another driver station.

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

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