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Meeting Summary for 10 January, 2015:

At today's meeting, the SuperNURDs started to make headway on robot protyping and completed many jobs essential to the team's operation.

Competition Preparation:

The business team consisting of David, Madison, and Kayla started off the day finishing the job board. The job board is a portion of the wall dedicated to assigning certain jobs to all of the members of the team. This way, all of the team members know what to do each day when they come to a meeting. Later Madison and David came up with ideas on fundraising to help pay for some of the team's expenses. Then Madison continued gathering information to post to the teams' website for the outreach page.

Today Alex cut out the body panels for the new mascots. Then, Alex started to glue them together. Once finished, he started to work on the helmet concepts and I finished that too. Then he bent the new antennas for the helmets.

The Robot:

The electrical and programming teams, consisting of Matt, Tyler, Tayler, Zack, and C.C, worked together to format the last roboRIO. The programing team wrote code for TestBoard2015 to use limit switches, gyros, double solenoids, accelerometers (Built-in), and Talons. They set up live window for TestBoard2015 to debug motor controllers, gyros, accelerometers, and double solenoids as well as set up smartdashboard to run commands from the computer with a press of a button. The programing team then finished the set up for second computer to be used as driver station and development. Once it was finished, they used the test board to help the mechanical team test their idea for a new collection mechanism.

The first design team lead by Blake had to finalize their concepts and start thinking about the little details into how to accomplish the tasks they set for themselves. Reviewing and testing their concepts helped them refine and simplify the design. They also reviewed the drivetrain of the robot and made some minor adjustments to make it as agile and efficient as possible.

The second design team consisting of Makenzie and Savannah refined their design of the robot’s stacking mechanism.

Be sure to share our updates with your parents and other teams!

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

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