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Meeting Summary for 12 January, 2015

Competition Preparation:

For today the business team consisting of Kayla, Madison, and Grace began brainstorming for the Chairmans award. They reviewed past submissions to compare with this years prompt to get a better understanding of it. Carlos and Min finished up the job board so that everyone knows what job they are assigned to. Matt M. continued to work on the outreach page for the team's website, now other people can see what great accomplishments the SuperNURDs have made.

Today Alex fiberglassed the outside of one of the mascots bodies. He then cut out the helmet panels. And then helped with some of the field elements.

The Robot:

The programming team consisting of Tyler, Tayler, and Zack added 2 more talons to support tank drive. They also added the robotDrive method in robot.java and added the respective joysticks to be used for robotDrive.

Today the design team consisting of Blake, Makenzie, and Mr. Marler ruled out the possibility of changing our frame design. Though it would have increased speed when picking up, we ultimately decided against it because of complexity of the drive train and the moving of motors, supports, and electronics.

#2015BuildSeason #TeamUpdates

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