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Meeting Summary for 14 January, 2015

This week, the SuperNURDs continue to make progress on the robot, mascots, and the Chairman's Award.

Competition Preparation:

As of today’s meeting, the SuperNURDs have gained a new water jet sponsor! We sent four students and a mentor to represent our team. Grace and Carlos continued to work on the Chairman’s award so to have it ready for the regional. Alex continued to make progress on the mascots, creating concepts for the arms and making the faces. The business team consisting of David, Trea, and Madi, continued to work on the outreach page and thank you cards for our sponsors.

The Robot:

The electrical team, comprised of Matt, Jacob, C.C., and Chanly, designed a rough electrical layout for the robot. They then worked with the design team to count all of the motors and sensors that would be needed on the robot in order to form a list of all of the inputs and outputs on the electrical components.

The design team had almost finalized the frame of the robot, allowing them to continue working on the collector mechanism. Mounting the collector provided a challenge and will need further refinement later.

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

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