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Meeting Summary for 16 January, 2015

The SuperNURDs make some final changes to the robot as the week comes to a close.

Competition Preparation:

Grace and Carlos continued to work on brainstorming for Chairmans. Trea and Madi finished the Thank You cards for the sponsors and began filing business hours. Madi also continued to rewrite the Business plan for 2015. Trea researched new prices for team merchandise. The business team also welcomed a new mentor Alyana, by showing her around the room and explaining to her what FIRST robotics is and what impact does our team do for our community.

Tom, Colin, Mathew M, Otto, and John continued to work on the scoring platform. We made a list of materials needed to complete the platform and drew up plans for the center divide.

The Robot:

The programming team consisting of Tayler, Zack, Matt, and Chanly hooked up the joystick inputs on the drive team interface and continued to fix problems with the gyroscope sensor. Other sensors on the board seemed to be causing some sort of interference with the gyro input, but the programming team managed to fix the problem.

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