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Meeting Summary for 17 January, 2015

As the second week of build season draws to a close, the team is hard at work to finalize the design and get all of the parts machined.

Competition Preparation:

The business team, consisting of Carlos, Grace, David, and Madi, managed to overcome numerous small tasks in order to get them out of the way. Grace updated the build blog while Carlos began designing buttons with nicknames for each of the team members for competition.

Tom, Min, Mathew M, Otto, and John continued to work on the scoring platform.

The Robot:

The programming team, comprised of Tayler, Zack, and Chanly, began working on PID, which is a programming feature used to make a motor stop at a certain point and stay there. The electrical team helped to make a device that could be used to test the PID loops, and together they managed to test it and find the values that would maximize the performance of the motors.

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

#TeamUpdates #2015BuildSeason

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