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Meeting Summary for 21 January, 2015

Competition Preparation:

Today, Carlos continued his work on designing buttons for the team and adding to the outreach page. Grace updated the build blog and uploaded it to the website. Trea gathered other members and had them write down what they like about robotics and how it has helped them. We will be sending these responses to our sponsors in the thank you cards. Madi researched different, more efficient ways to manage financials and continued to work on awards.

Today Tom, John, Alex M., Matthew M, and Otto finished the scoring platform and used it to prototype out robot. We had to take the platform apart at the beginning of the meeting so we could adjust the angles on the ramp leading up to the platform. They then cut and nailed the lexan to the frame and taped the edges for smooth transitions. We also continued to organize the back storage room.

The Robot:

Zack, Chanly, and Tayler spoke to Blake about strategy and compiled a list of hardware that would need to be put on robotmap. Then, programming proceeded to put that hardware into robotmap.

The electrical team (Matt S, Jacob, and C.C) worked with the mechanical team to discern the dimensions of the electrical board on the robot. They then counted the components they would need for the two robots and placed orders for parts that they need.

The design team used an old gearbox to test the strength of our motors and find what kind of gear ratios we needed. We found a nice ratio that gave us the torque we needed and the speed we like.

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