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Meeting Summary for 23 January, 2015

Competition Preparation:

Today, the business team prepared for the North Broadway middle school visit coming up next week. Carlos continued to update the team website while Madi worked on awards and financial. David and C.C. worked on capes and organized the business closet.

Tom, Matt M, Otto, Colin, and John cleaned the back room. They also organized the tools and inventoried the materials we own. We disassembled the frame for our 2014 practice robot.

The Robot:

The electrical team, consisting of Matt, Chanly, and C.C., received new switches. They worked together to put them on the electrical board so the programming team could begin to test them. They also began ordering new connector housings for the robot and some twelve volt solenoids so they would have enough for all of the pistons on the robot.

The design team put all the brackets and hardware into the CAD model, and sent all of the parts out to our new water jet sponsor. The water jet allows us to get our parts cut out and finished within a day, rather than about a week with CNC.

The programming team added commands and command groups to the collecting mechanism as to pick up totes. They also added deoply strafe drive control onto the controller. They lastly created the strafe drive axis to robot drive.

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

#2015BuildSeason #TeamUpdates

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