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Meeting Summary for 26 January, 2015

Competition Preparation:

Today Matthew M, Min, and Colin pulled all of the metal scraps from the back room, inventoried what we had, and organized the metal back into the room. They also threw away all unusable scraps. Tom swept the back room and all the tables along with wiping everything down and reorganizing the machines in the back room.

For the business team, Grace updated the Build Blog and worked on the Chairman’s Award. Madi worked on the Business Plan, the Entrepreneurship Award, and verified the upcoming fundraisers needed for competition and parts for the robot. She has also successfully created a Quickens account so we can keep track of our funds.

The Robot:

The programming team of Tayler, Zack, and Tyler created a collector subsystem and created Robot Drive for the collector on the manipulator joystick. The collecting mechanism is currently buildable and deployable but the new code does not do anything.

The electrical team, made up of Matt S, Chanly, and C.C., worked to gather all of the supplies necessary for the presentations for the middle schoolers the next day. After that, they ordered more connectors and cut out the electrical board from a sheet of aluminum.

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

#2015BuildSeason #TeamUpdates

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