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Meeting Summary for 28 January, 2015

Competition Preparation:

The business team continued to work on awards and updates for our sponsors. Trea finished the Thank You Cards, and Carlos helped ship them off. Grace and Madi continued to work on the Entrepreneurship and Chairman’s awards.

Jacob, Matt M., Min, and Tony cleaned and inventoried aluminum and various metal plates in the back room.

The Robot:

The electrical team, made up of Matt, C.C, and Chanly, worked together to cut the electrical board out of a piece of sheet metal, and began to velcro components to it. They also began working on the wiring for the larger components.

Tayler and Zack, the programming team, de-bugged last year’s driving controls to prepare for the elementary school visit to North Broadway the next day.

The mechanical team, Blake, Kayla, John, etc., took trips to Meziere and

Pacific Water Jet to pick up materials for the collecting mechanism and the plates. New parts were inventoried and kit assemblies were made.

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

#2015BuildSeason #TeamUpdates

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