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Meeting Summary for 30 January, 2015

Competition Preparation:

The business team of Madi, Carlos, Grace, and Trea continued working on awards. Grace began the Chairman’s essay, and Madi worked on the Judges’ Book and Business Plan.

The Robot:

The mechanical team began assembling the cassette slide structure, and the electrical mounting structure.

The electrical team, consisting of Matt S, Chanly, and C.C., worked on the electrical board for the test bot. We began connecting the talons to the roboRio, and connecting the solenoids to the pneumatics control module. After we began organizing the wires neatly by zip tying them to the board, that way the board won’t be a giant mess of wires.

The programming team of Tyler, Tayler, and Zack added the servo camera control. They also implemented the arcadeDrive for the collector and began debugging the USB and Ethernet Cameras.

#2015BuildSeason #TeamUpdates

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