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Meeting Summary for 7 February, 2015

The SuperNURDs prepare for competition as the fifth week of build season comes to a close.

Competition Preparation:

C.C. and Grace continued making buttons for our regional competition next month. Zach debugged the statistics software and worked with the drive team in order to optimize the qualities that the statistics members will be watching for.

The Robot:

Chanly, Matt, and C.C. began to mount the electrical components, they then started connecting the talons to the PDP, and the roboRio. They also zip tied all the wires down the board to make it more neat and organized.

The programming team added USB camera and single solenoid support.

The mechanical team picked up gearboxes from Trade Tech high school, and they began the new upper structure. They then went to Home Depot for supplies and mounted the collector gearbox.

Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!

#2015BuildSeason #TeamUpdates

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