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San Diego Regional

The SuperNURDs are attending their second regional of the year and would love for you to attend! The San Diego Regional commences Thursday, April 2 (practice matches only) and continues through Saturday, April 4 (finals and award ceremonies).

While the SuperNURDs would love your support every day of the tournament, we know some may only be able to attend one or two. If this is the case, Saturday would be the highest priority, as it holds the finals and Award Ceremonies. Friday contains qualification matches and an award ceremony for the smaller awards. Thursday is used for practice matches and last-minute robot modification.

San Diego Regional is being celebrated at the Valley View Casino Center (formerly known as San Diego Sports Arena), located at 3500 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, California 92110. Doors open at 8 am on all days with the award ceremonies starting at 8:30 am.

http://www.sandiegoregional.com/ has a complete schedule of the event.


3500 Sports Arena Blvd,

San Diego, California 92110

April 2-4 8:30 am

Finals and Award ceremonies Saturday, April 4


Never Underestimate Robotic Domination!


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