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The Right Thing To Do

The following is a response to the recent post on the FRC Blog found here:


Team 3255, The SuperNURDs, were saddened to hear of the controversy regarding our alliance win at the San Diego FRC regional event. While the missed calls were unfortunate, it has also created a forum for even more significant untold stories to come out. Here are just a few of those stories:

* Team 4486 was formed by incubating students from Trade Tech High School into Team 3255 during the 2012 season. After travelling with us to St. Louis that year after we won the San Diego Regional, they went on to form their own team and won the San Diego regional in 2014. The lead mentor for Team 4486 is also the husband of our lead mentor.

* During a qualification match, Team 3255 experienced comms issues. The FTA indicated that it appeared to be unique to our robot. While working in our pits to diagnose the issue, a mentor from Team 1538 came to assist without being asked. He noted that the radio had been positioned close to the compressor indicating that could be a source of the issue. After moving the radio, our team had no further issues.

* During elimination matches, a mentor from Team 1538 approached our software mentor asking for assistance for Team 4486 to modify their autonomous code. This request came because our software mentor had also been the software mentor to Team 4486 during build season. Even though Team 3255 was competing on the field, our software mentor worked with their team to make the necessary changes.

* After Team 3255 experienced issues with some of our stats computers, one of the Code Orange mentors pointed our team to a website that was computing OPR for the event that could be used to assist with our scouting.

* After noticing that Code Orange lost a wheel during one of its matches, one of our mentors visited the Code Orange pit to ensure that they had necessary spare parts since both teams were using similar wheels.

* Although Team 4486 was ranked 39th after qualification matches, they were actively being recruited by the top alliances due to their ability to obtain recycling containers (RCs) off the step during autonomous. The autonomous tug of war battle over RCs on the step that ensued during finals matches between 399 and 4486 was some of the most exciting gameplay seen at San Diego regionals in several years. This should demonstrate to all FIRST teams the importance of recognizing your significance in gameplay even if you are not one of the top seeded teams.

The mentors of Team 3255 are exceptionally proud of the dedication and accomplishment their students have shown throughout this season. After qualifying 47th in the Central Valley regional, (though still being competitive enough to be picked during alliance selection), the students worked exceptionally hard to plan modifications to make in the pits during the San Diego regional. Those efforts resulted in Team 3255 becoming the 5th seed alliance captain, with a qualification average of 86 points, regularly contributing 84 points with their robot.

To outside observers, it could appear that missed calls during a finals match could be contentious between teams. But Team 3255 is so thankful for the wonderful SoCal FIRST community. We feel it is important for the world-wide FIRST community to understand the respect and collaboration that these teams have for each other, and we are confident that this event will not impact our mutual common goals for impacting students in this region.

Team 3255

The SuperNURDs

NURD = Never Underestimate Robotic Domination

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