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Day One Meeting!

  • Led by our mentor Sarah, Tom, Otto, C.C, Gabe Robertson, and Mackenna worked on putting together our field elements for the new challenge Also, they cut several 2x4 boards for the base of multiple obstacles, and completed all the game elements.

  • Matt made a list of everything in the kit of parts, then crossed them off one at a time to ensure all necessary items were accounted for.

  • Tyler worked with software and electronics by installing national instrument software and updated the roboRIO.

  • Madi updated team contacts, and updated the website by adding team photos, posting kickoff blog, and began to brainstorm for the FIRST robotics awards.

  • The other team members divided into three groups of four led by our mentors Tayler, Irvin, and Mrs. Warren and discussed game strategy and possible features of the robot.

Near the end of the meeting we all got together and passed around some theoretical robot designs that the groups and individuals came up with. Then considered the pros and cons of each sketch and strategy.


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