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Finshed Field Elements!

  • Tom, Otto, Mackenna, and Gabe Robertson, put final touches on the field elements supervised by Sarah our mentor.

  • Tyler and Zack updated the last of the computers’ National Instrument Software and updated firmware on Talon SRX motor controllers.

  • C.C and Chanly worked on a modified version of the 2012 robot that was originally built for the 2015 Escondido Christmas parade.

  • Blake designed wooden prototypes to test different field elements.

  • Madi trained Nick on all components of the Business team and continued to update the SuperNURDs webpage. They also worked the SUperNURDs social media accounts and brainstormed for the Chairman Awards.

  • The other members rehearsed the game using humans as simulated robots after clearing out last seasons field elements to set up the new ones.


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