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Wood Prototype and Vision Tracking

  • Mechanical- Blake, Otto, Grace, Ryan, and Bryce designed, built, and tested a wood dricetrain prototype. After working on it for a few hours the team have a better understanding on what type of wheels we should use as well as figuring out what size and how far apart they should place them.

  • Electrical- Matt, C.C., Chanly, and Daniel took apart the Christmas Bot drivetrain and assembled the practice electrical board with the new issued D-Link from the Kit of Parts.

  • Software- Tyler, Tayler, Jessica, and Zack worked on the Talon SRX on the bench bot as well as perfecting the image processing for the robot to be able to use vision tracking during autonomous.

  • Rules- Irvin, Will, and Jenna generated a list of questions for Dan Glenn who is going to take them to FIRST headquarters for clarification. The list had questions concerning game rules, robot design, and field elements.

  • Field- Tom, Sarah, Mackenna, Allie, and Gabriel continued to perfect the field elements by assembling the castle, ramps, and the Cheval de Frise.

  • Business- Madi and Nick continued brainstroming for different awards such as Chairman's and Woodie Flowers. By creating an outline and researching past submissions the Business team will be able to sumbit an amazing essay that captures team perfectly.

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