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Firing Up Our Engines!

  • Business: (Madi, Nick and Charlotte)

  • Worked on getting everyone to install the app Wunderlist.

  • Drafted an essay compiling all of the different tasks accomplished during the week.

  • Outlined rough drafts for the Entrepreneurship Award, Woodie Flowers Award, and The Chairman Award.

  • Updated the information concerning the Business plan.

  • Planned a thank you dinner for Trade Tech for hosting the 2016 Kickoff.

  • Mechanical: (Blake, Otto, Grace, Daniel, and Victoria)

  • Created prototypes of the Drive Train and Shooter.

  • Changed the wheels on the 2015 Christmas bot.

  • Safety Team: (Sarah, Tom, Mackenna, and John)

  • Finished the Drawbridge and the Cheval de Frise.

  • Reached the decision to make the low bar sturdier rather than following the specs.

  • Created a design in CAD for the new Pit Shelving Unit.

  • Electrical: (Matt, C.C, and Chanly)

  • Riveted the battery box to the 2015 Christmas Box.

  • Software: (Mr. Warren, Tayler, Jessie, and Ryan)

  • Programed basic driving for the 2015 Christmas Bot.

  • Made progress on vision tracking and understanding it more in depth.

  • Stats: (Irvin, Will, Gabe, and Jenna)

  • Created a spreadsheet analyzing the different possibilities for a single bot during a round.

  • Field: (Mr. Warren, Ty, Javier)

  • Added retroreflective tape to the field elements to use them as vision targets.

  • Used image processing tools to find the vision targets in camera images.

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