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Two Possible Shooters for the Bot!

  • Business: (Madi and Jenna)

  • Added link to the team Instagram account to the website homepage

  • Added more students to Wunderlist

  • Edited and updated the business plan for Entrepreneurship Award

  • Charlotte and Nick worked remotely on the Chairman’s Award

  • Brainstorm Woodie Flowers Award

  • Thank you Dinner for Trade Tech for hosting Kick-off

  • Created a thank you card and a gift for Viasat for hosting the official FRC Kickoff broadcast

  • Field Elements: (Sarah, Tom, Otto, Mrs. Warren)

  • Add lip to the base of scoring tower

  • Mark lift height to the tower to score bonus points

  • Measure Pop-up tent and plan the layout of the pit for competition

  • Finalized Pit Shelving unit in CAD and planned parts to order

  • Software: (Mr. Warren, Tayler, Jessie, Ryan)

  • Programing lessons, teaching new students about classes, methods, commands, subsystems, and create an example subsystem and command

  • Begin learning how to program Vision tracking and PID control

  • Electrical: (Mr. Pound, Matt, CC, Chanly)

  • Wire workbenches donated to the team so that the outlets that are attached have power

  • Create a wiring diagrams in Solidworks

  • Mechanical: (Mr. Marler, Mackenna, Daniel, Victoria, Blake, Bryce, John)

  • Prototype two different design concepts for shooter and do practical test

  • Prototype feeder systems that work with each shooter design

  • Stats: (Irvin, Gabe, Will, Ty)

  • Analized how vision tracking worked and the capabilities

  • Analysis techniques that incorporate vision tracking

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