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A Fluffy Robot...?

  • Business: (Tayler, Jenna)

  • Continued taking photos of all of the students.

  • Updated leads photo on SuperNurds Webpage.

  • Safety: (Tom, Sarah, Gabe R.)

  • Assembled the ledge on the batter.

  • Continued working on the pit shelving unit.

  • Planned out to-do list for the rest of the season.

  • Electrical: (Matt, Chanly, CC, Gabe R.)

  • Supplied power to the bandsaws and mill in the back workroom.

  • Brainstormed logo and banner design.

  • Mechanical: (Blake, John, MacKenna, Grace, Daniel, Irwin, Mr. Marler)

  • Selected a shooter design for the bot, and made the unanimous decision to name the shooter "Fluffy".

  • Selected a design for the Drive Train.

  • Prepared to order key parts for the robot.

  • Began designing on SolidWorks.

  • Software: (Tayler, Jessie, Will, Ryan)

  • Reimaged the 2015 RoboRIO.

  • Used the 2015 robot to practice PID via the cassette mechanism.

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