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Bot with Attitude!

  • Business: (Madi, Nick, Jenna, and Allie)

  • Nearly finished writing up Executive Questions for the Chairman's Award.

  • Continued working on Entrepreneurship Award.

  • Made updates and added information to the SuperNURDs Webpage.

  • Mechanical: (Blake, Mackenna, Grace, Gabe, John)

  • Finalized the dimensions of the robot

  • Figured out geometry for elements

  • Added bumpers to bot prototype

  • Software: (Tyler, Jessie, Ryan, Will, Ty)

  • Moved the Nav X to 2015 Christmas Bot.

  • Programmed PID to lock rotation and auto correct rotation.

  • Setup Vision Tracking Software on USB Camera.

  • Electrical: (Chanly, C.C., Matt, Daniel, Javier)

  • Began installing Solidworks Electrical on CAD computers.

  • Studied Electrical Designs.

  • Researched new encoders for the robot.

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