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CAD Week is almost over!

  • Business- (Madi, Nick, Jenna)

  • Updated Team Calendar.

  • Finished the Chairman's Award Questions.

  • Continued working on the Chairman’s Award Essay.

  • Mechanical: (Blake, Otto, John)

  • Designed the shooter and the intake and mechanisms in CAD.

  • Finished the CAD for Gearboxes.

  • Planned space on the robot for Electrical and Business components.

  • Electrical: (Matt, Chanly, C.C., Daniel)

  • Learned how to use Electrical Solidworks.

  • Software: ( Tyler, Jessie, Ryan)

  • Started working on Competition Code.

  • Began coding the Drive Train Subsystem.

  • Safety: (Tom, Mrs. Warren, Gabriel Robertson)

  • Safety Trained untrained members.

  • Took inventory of new parts.

  • Updated Safety Binder.

  • Outlined Business and Software Shelf layout.

  • Checked Rock Wall dimensions.

  • Stats: (Irvin, Will, Ty, Gabe Rasmussen, Javier)

  • Created a map of the field with corrected dimensions.

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