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Its All In The Design (Week 2 Wrapup)

Week 2 continues to prove that the 2016 SuperNURDS team is a force to be reckoned with. Despite some students struggling with the start of cold and flu season; the dedication and work ethic of the team continues to surpass expectations.

The Business team is hard at work getting all the team members dialed into Wunderlist. If you are not familiar with this user friendly app, it is a tool to share and organize your to-do list with others. Collaborating has never been easier. Using this convenient smartphone app really has the kids “working smarter and not harder.” Continued focus for Business is now prepping the many award submissions such as Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers, and Entrepreneurship. The team’s website continues to get a facelift in several areas. Check out the link to the team’s Instagram account on the website homepage. You can also find the detailed weekly build blogs on their Facebook page [insert link here]

The Software team is laser focused as Mr. Warren shows off his mad programming skills teaching new students about commands, basic robot code and GitHub this week. These are not easy concepts and Mr. Warren has a gift for teaching. “The Software team was able to have a test robot maintain straight orientation using PID loop controls with navigation sensors. This is the same technology used by aircrafts”. - Mr. Warren, mentor for the Software team. Keep up the good work, students.

Meanwhile, Stats team and Software are working on Vision tracking, PID control and understanding all its capabilities. The Software team finished the week by setting up Vision tracing on a USB camera.

The Electrical team dived right into designing wiring diagrams in SolidWorks and researching new encoders for the robot. Now they are downloading SolidWorks to the CAD computers.

Mechanical prototyped two different design concepts and a feeder system that will work with either of the two shooter designs. The winning design was selected and named “Fluffy.” With a drive train design in place, finalized dimensions of the robot and the geometry of the elements; the SuperNURDS are ready to order key parts for the robot. Way to go, team on a perfectly designed Week 2!

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