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Code Lessons!

  • Business: (Madi, Jenna, Taylor)

  • Created Business Cards for Leads attending SLAS conference.

  • Continued to write Chairman’s Award Essay.

  • Put final touches on Chairman's Executive Questions.

  • Mechanical: ( Blake, Otto, John, Victoria)

  • Finished designed Intake mechanism in CAD .

  • Safety: (Tom, Mrs. Warren, Gabe Robertson)

  • Bought materials for the Rock Wall.

  • Planned out theme for competition pit.

  • Designed CAD for battery shelf in pit design

  • Progressed on updating Safety Binder.

  • Electrical: (Chanly, C.C., Daniel)

  • Continued to learn SolidWorks Electrical.

  • Laid out space for electronics on the robot.

  • Software: (Tyler, Jessie, Ryan, Zack)

  • Installed vision onto 2015 Christmas Bot.

  • Began working on Production code.

  • Stats: (Will, Ty, Javier)

  • Adjusted field elements to fit exact measurements.

  • Created replica of field tower to use as Vision Target.

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