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Begin Assembly for Robots!

  • Business: (Madi, Jenna)

  • Continued to write Chairman’s Award essay.

  • Planned out posts for social media networks.

  • Mechanical: (Blake, John, Otto, Grace, Victoria, Allie, Gabe Rasmussen)

  • Continued to assemble the shooter for the bot.

  • Assembled the arm used for opening the Sally-Port and Drawbridge.

  • Returned to Meziere to cut parts for the drive train.

  • Electrical: (Matt, C.C, Chanly, Daniel, Herman)

  • Generated an input/output list alongside Software.

  • Finished organizing Electrical parts in totes.

  • Software: (Tyler, Jessie, Zack, Will, Ty, Ryan)

  • Generated Input/output lis with Electrical team

  • Bought LED lights to use for vision tracking

  • Field/Safety (Tom, Javier, Gabe Robertson)

  • Organized inventory.

  • Tested the structure for the pit.

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