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Tooting Our Horn in 500 Characters or Less(Week 3 Wrap up)

Only week 3 and already so much work has been accomplished. Production code has begun by the Software team. They installed vision tracking on the 2015 Christmas bot. Using the smartdashboard, the team is measuring the data from the shooter and testing code for vision tracking. “ This week we tested a plethora of new ideas of what we are going to do for this year's robot. We advanced immensely in vision.”- Jessica Kamman, freshman, Software team. Stats created a replica of the field tower and adjusted the field elements to exact measurements.

It is all about organization for the Electrical team who has been busy laying out spaces for cable wires and other electrical parts.

The creative juices have been on overdrive while Business diligently works on the Award submissions for Woodie Flowers, Entrepreneurship and Chairman’s. Trying to adequately describe your team’s achievements in 500 characters or less (per question) has been incredibly challenging. Doing justice to all the team’s accomplishments under character limitations is challenging. Late nights and long hours of writing and editing have been put in by all the business team members to get the awards submissions just right.

In-between the nonstop work on the awards; new business cards were created for the students who attended the SLAS conference this week and a brand new promotional flyer to recruit new members.

Meanwhile in Mechanical, CAD files were delivered to Pacific Water Jet. Parts were ordered from McMaster and the shooter was assembled for the bot. The intake mechanism was finished in CAD. And an arm mechanism was designed to open the sally door. “This week we finished the CAD for the robot and began fabrication. We are happy to have also started assembly of the bot.”- Blake Hobbs, Senior, CAD Team Lead. Shout out thank you to our Safety team for modifying the sally door.

Safety continues to rock the design and build out of competition pit. Assembling the pit layout and designing a new battery shelf in CAD. The safety binder received an update. Even Circuit (the team’s mascot) got a little tender loving care this week. Team spirit is never in short supply for the SuperNURDS.

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