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Is this thing on?... ( Week 4 Wrapup)

Big sigh of relief was felt by the Business team as they submitted the Chairman’s Award and the Woodie Flowers Award ahead of schedule. Next on the agenda was creating a plan to have regularly scheduled social media posts going out on behalf of the team. Business continues to follow many teams via their social media and (in the spirit of co-opertition) provide encouraging comments to their build progress, where appropriate. The SuperNURDS t-shirts received a design touch up and the new shirts were ordered. Now Business is focused on the Entrepreneurship Award due Feb 11. Just a quick shout out from Business to all members (past and present) who contributed to the team’s success over the years. There are so many wonderful examples to include in this year’s award submissions that the only problem Business faces is how to fit all the success of 7 years in the limited space provided. No worries though, it is a good problem to tackle.

Testing was the name of the game for the rest of the team this week. Mechanical assembled and tested the shooter mechanism for strength. They tested new switches. They ran test runs to observe the robot’s functionality. Testing the robot’s belts and intake mechanisms as well. Assembly of the arm that will be used to open the sally port and drawbridge was completed along with continued assembly of the robot. They also hit Meziere’s to cut parts for the drive train.”By the end of the day, we should have the robot driving, which is a record for us” - Blake Hobbs, Senior, CAD Team Lead. New buttons were purchased. And new battery boxes created for the robot to use.

As usual, the Electrical team was charged up and raring to go this week. Electrical designed a wire diagram to calculate how much space was needed for the electrical components. They constructed the electrical panel and worked on the pneumatics side of the electrical board. They created and then assembled the electrical board. They generated and crossed checked the Input / Output with collaboration from the Software team. Speaking of Software, the students were cranking hard this week creating basic code for the bot. Following the lead of Mr. Warren, coder extraordinaire, they also wrote code for the robot’s camera. “We have a lot of complexity to this year's autonomous mode, and we are looking forward to having the next two weeks to focus on this part on the practice bot.” - Jeff Warren, Mentor, Software Team.

Field/Safety team continue to keep the team organized and inventoried properly. This week, they built bumpers for the bot. The recent bad weather required fixing field elements that were damaged. The pit layout was set up. The structure of the pit was tested…. for integrity and (of course) safety.

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