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Kid-Friendly Stickers!

  • Business: (Madi, Jenna)

  • Submitted Entrepreneurship Award.

  • Designed a kid-friendly themed robot sticker design.

  • Worked Mechanical to get dimensions for the sponsor panel.

  • Mechanical: ( Blake, Grace, Otto, John, Allie)

  • Fit the shooter under the low bar.

  • Machined parts at Meziere.

  • Mounted hubs and caps on the robot.

  • Electrical: (Matt, C.C, Daniel, Chanly)

  • Tied down talons to the electrical board.

  • Wired limit switches.

  • Software: ( Tyler, Zack, Ryan)

  • Continued working on vision.

  • Field/Safety: (Tom, Mackenna, Gabe)

  • Finished bumpers.

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