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Sketching, Coding, Writing, and more!

  • Business:

  • Wrote letters to sponsors to thank them for their generous donations and help.

  • Looked over Chairmans Essay and requirements to outline for the 2017 Chairmans Essay.

  • Mechanical:

  • Focused in and designed and each separate subsystem on the new 2017 Steamworks robot.

  • Built and updated the new 2017 Field and Game pieces, for the 2017 Steamworks competition.

  • Painted the router for the teams new CNC mill, which we are blessed to own.

  • Electrical:

  • Wired and tested the Bench bot for team use

  • Inventoried all electrical tools, wires, batteries, and miscellaneous .

  • Software

  • Updated two out of the three RoboRios to run code and motor skills for the robot.

  • Configured the code for the vision tracking system on the robot.

  • Had new software kids reading through a through tutorial on basic software coding.

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