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Climbing the Rope

  • Mechanical : Allie, Gabe, Josue, Ben, Otto, Luke, Diego, Grace, Zach, Tori

  • Worked on perfecting the climbing mechanism prototype.

  • Improved the agitator for the collector and hopper.

  • Modified the gear slot.

  • Electrical: CC, Chanly, Ysabella, Sam, Jacob

  • Continued working on the layout.

  • Software: Jessie, Sara, Mark, Gaby, Isaac, Mike, Ryan

  • Review all previous code to study what needs to be updated.

  • Created a new i/o list.

  • Continued editing Vision code.

  • Business: Jenna, Luis, DC, William

  • Continued editing, writing, and drafting the Chairman's Essay.

  • Created a list of ideas for potential sponsors.

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