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Lets get down to CAD

  • Mechanical: Grace, Otto, Zach, Luke, Allie, Mackenna, Gabe, Eli, Josue, Ben, Tori

  • Cracked down on CAD for the separate subsystems for the 2017 robot.

  • Electrical: Chanly, CC, Jacob, Will, Ysabella, Diego, Sam

  • Continued to work on the Electrical board layout.

  • Software: Jessie, Sara, Gaby, Mark, Ryan

  • Updated and reviewed the code for the 2017 robot.

  • Continued to work on the vision code for the 2017 robot.

  • Business: Jenna, Heaven, Luis, William, DC

  • Continued to write the Chairman's Executive Questions.

  • Worked on the Entrepreneurship Award.

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