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Week 1 Recap!

Kick Off

Saturday, Jan. 6 kicked off the 2018 FIRST Robotics Season. The SuperNurds and The BluePrints hosted an all-day post kickoff workshop at NC Trade Tech HS with 11 other teams: #3021 The Agency, #5137 Iron Kodiaks, #2839 Daedalus, #1622 Spyder, #6659 Coubots, #4919 Leodriods, #6695 Alpha Knight, #6995 N.O.M.A.D.s, #2658 E Motion, #4014 Top Hat Technicians, #5477 Nubotx.

Over 200 FRC students worked together to fabricate field elements and decipher the new manual for this year's game, Power Up.

Jan. 8 – Jan 13

The first week flew by as SuperNURDs went straight to work. Students from Australia paid a visit to our team to learn about FIRST. Orange Glen HS Robotics club (who want to create an official FRC team next year) joined us during our team meeting on Friday. The SuperNURDs team room is always open to visitors any time.

This week, we dived right into build season and after creating 4 designs, we down selected to 1 concept. The field elements are being assembled and look great on the new cement practice field outside the team room. The students are working hard on a variety of winning strategies in this year's complex game.

Thank You:

We want to thank Mrs. Kamman for providing delicious home cooked meals for the entire team on long work days. Thank you to Mr. Alison for the 24 bottles of soda/ice on Friday night that went well with the pizza provided by The Cordingleys. The popcorn and snacks donated by Mrs. Bannon will be much appreciated in the coming work days. Anyone wishing to donate snacks or other materials to the team can check out our Needs Page on the website: https://www.frcteam3255.com/needs

Meetings next week:

Mon, Jan 15 9AM – 3PM

Wed Jan 17 4:30PM – 7:00PM

Fri Jan 19 2:45PM – 5:30PM

Sat Jan 20 9AM – 3PM


Every year, Parent Drivers need to renew their eligibility and get clearance from the school. See Ruth, the Principal’s Secretary for details. Because it can take awhile to process, parents are encouraged to get this done well before our Regionals.

Save the Date:

San Diego Regional March 7 – March 10

Las Vegas Regional March 21 – March 24

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