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Week 6 Recap!

This has been a long, hard week for the SuperNURDs. A lot of cold, late nights with the students working outside on their new practice field. You can find the students bundled up to keep warm while they fine tune the lift commands and PID. This week Software also automated all the set points on the collector lift. The Mechanical team finalized the climber and the practice bot is finished. The competition bot is 75% done. Electrical has completed wiring on the practice bot and is currently wiring the competition bot. The students are hard at work on practice and competition bumpers. Fabrication has finished all the components for the competition bot. Filming of the robot reveal video has begun. Business team wants to give a huge THANK YOU to Mr. Levier who printed off a ton of beautiful buttons. The Business team finalized and submitted Entrepreneurship award. They sent out welcome emails to the rookie teams who will be attending the San Diego Regional. In between button assembly and helping out with bumpers, they are preparing materials for competition. And doing a little cleaning when the WIFI went down on Saturday.


Thank you to Mrs. Thorp for bringing in sandwiches/chips on Valentine’s night. Thank you to Mrs. Marler for bringing the delicious angel food cake on V-day. Many thanks to The Tristan’s for supplying dinner on Friday night. Thank you Mrs. Kamman for providing the lunch on Friday AND Saturday. Thank you Ysabella for the homemade cookies. Thank you to Mr. Levier for printing off a gajillon buttons. Much gratitude and appreciation for our fantastic sponsor PGS Graphics who printed up competition stickers, sponsor graphics to put on our robot and a fabulous sponsor banner to hang in our pit this year. The students want to thank all the mentors, parents and sponsors: they could not do all this without your generous support.

Meetings next week:

· Monday, Feb. 19 9AM-3PM (or until we are done)

· Tuesday, Feb. 20 4:30-7PM Celebrate at In and Out

· Wednesday, Feb 21 No Meeting

· Thursday, Feb 22 No Meeting

· Friday, Feb. 23 2:30-6PM

· Saturday, Feb. 24 9AM-3PM


Award Submissions: DONE

Bag and Tag: Feb. 20 (2 days away)

San Diego Regional: March 7 (16 days away)

Las Vegas Regional: March 21 (30 days away)

"If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done"

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