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SN Weekly Recap!


This week our Mechanical team fully assembled and bagged our competition robot including back up parts. Look out for our robot reveal video and watch them take it for a test ride. With hard work and dedication our fabulous Electrical team finished wiring the competition bot!

The students printed and cut out judge and alliance capes but THANK YOU Mrs. Warren for sewing and putting together over 60 capes. You are amazing. The Stats team spent hours watching 25 teams play in the Week Zero matches.

The students entertained a young visitor from North Broadway Elementary who is eager to grow up and become a SuperNURD.

The Business, Software and Stats teams continue to prep for the upcoming competition.


Thank You Mrs. Brown for bringing a yummy dinner last Saturday night. Thank you Mrs. Mueller for bringing lunch on Monday. Thank you Mrs. DeWall for dinner on Monday. Mrs. Kamman Thank you so much for the delicious chicken enchilada casserole today for lunch.

Meetings next week:

Mon, Feb. 26 2:45 - 6PM

Wed, Feb 28 2:45 - 6 PM

Fri, Mar. 2 2:45 - 6PM

Sat, Mar 3 9AM-3PM


Bag and Tag: Feb. 20 ALL DONE

San Diego Regional: March 7 (11 days away)

Las Vegas Regional: March 21 (25 days away)

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