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Vision Testing a Rocket Full of Ideas | Week 2 Recap


Our subteams have continued to work hard on their projects. Mechanical has prototyped and worked on a the final stages of CAD. Fabrication cut out the belly pan and brackets. Electrical organized their gear, started the layout for the electrical panel on the robot. Software started implanting the Limelight to code for vision, tested and coded the PID subsystems. They also finished many base classes for future programmers. They will continue working on this throughout the season. Business worked on awards, published the 10 year anniversary redesign of the website, and created the new build vlog. The vlog was shown on our school's Youtube channel which was broadcasted school wide during morning announcements. Inventory kept organizing the cabinets and have taken stock of the thousands of parts in our storage... this may take awhile.

This week's blog:


Team Thanks:

Thank you Mrs. Kamman and Mrs. Brown for constantly providing with a delicious and nutritious meal to keep us fueled during this rigorous build season.

Special good luck to our alumni mentors who are starting their spring semester at Cal State San Marcos and Palomar. Even though they are busy pursuing their degrees in STEM, they still make the time to come in and help us in anyway they can!

Following Meetings

Monday 1/21/19 9:00 am- 3:00 pm

Wednesday 1/23/19 4:30- 7:30 pm

Friday 1/25/19 2:45- 5:45 pm

Saturday 1/26/19 9:00 am- 3:00 pm


Chairman's due: 02/07/19 17 Days Away

Woodie Flowers due: 02/07/19 17 Days Away

Bag N Tag: 02/19/19 29 Days Away

Del Mar Regional: 03/01/19- 03/03/19 39 Days Away

Utah Regional: 03/27/19- 03/30/19 65 Days Away

"Small progress is still progress."

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