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Nearing the End | Week 5 Recap

Recap: This week Software finished everything for the practice robot. They practiced tuned the PID and testing all the commands. Electrical mounted the electrical panel onto the practice bot and premade the igus chains. They also organized and labeled the panel. Mechanical finished the intake, installed the cascade and the cascade gearbox. They also mounted the middle bar, and added fangs in the back of the practice bot. The stingers functioned properly and they worked out all the collisions in CAD. They’ve been ordering parts for the competition robot and finished assemble the practice bot. Fabrication cut the parts for the competition bot and assembled the intake. They also cut out a new belly pan and started cutting out drivetrain parts for comp bot. Business hosted a successful fundraiser at Panda Express on Thursday. They finished both the bumpers and both the Chairman's and Woodie Flowers awards. They also got started on competition preparations such as capes and inventory.

Special thanks to Mrs. Gregor, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Kamman for bringing us meals throughout the busy week!

This week our amazing sponsor Teradata and FLL Jr. team the Grease Monkeys came by to visit. We showed them our Off Season Girl's Drive team for Teradata's fundraiser and let the Grease Monkeys drive our robot using the vision movement.

Following Meeting

Tuesday 2/12/19 2:30-7:30

Wednesday 2/13/19 2:30-7:30

Thursday 2/14/19 1:45-7:30

Friday 2/15/19 2:30-5:45

Saturday 2/16/19 9:00-3:00


Bag N Tag: 02/19/19 10 Days Away

Del Mar Regional: 03/01/19- 03/03/19 21 Days Away

Utah Regional: 03/27/19- 03/30/19 47 Days Away

"The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles."

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