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Black Widow


Our 2018 Robot "Black Widow" was created to play the FRC 2018 game "Power Up". Black Widow was designed to pick up milk crates in a yellow cover, and score them on a tipping scale 5 feet in the air. Black Widow was also designed to drive autonomously at the beginning of a match, and climb at the end.


- 2018 San Diego Regional Dean's List
- 2018 Las Vegas Regional Entrepreneurship Award

Robot Reveal

FRC 2020 Robot Team 3255 3.jpg

Technical Data

- 1 Cube Switch Auto
- 1 Cube Scale Auto
- 119 lbs

- Cascade string rigging
- Dual 775pro gearbox
- 2 second lift to full extension
- Dogtooth gear for position locking

- Pneumatic actuated
- 4" Fairlane rubber compliant wheels
- 2 wheels on each side
- Variable launch speed on driver controller

- Single 775pro gearbox
- Elastic tensioning system
- 5 second climb

- Dual Cim motor WCP SS gearbox
- 6" Omnis in front and rear
- 6" Colsons in center
- No center wheel drop
- Belt driven

CAD Model

Robot Code

San Diego Regional

Las Vegas Regional

Season Recap

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