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2021 Season

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Video Channel Name

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Team Members

Alexis Robertson

Ananya Pokkula

Andrew Song

Andy Ly

Ashton Michel

Austin Rautenberg

Brenda Rojas

Diego Espinosa

Emma Tanghal

Erick Dinh

Ian Szalai

Jonathan Aguirre

Mateo Tristan

Sean Thornburgh

Vanessa Alcala

Vannesa Orozco

Yovani Diego


Tayler Uva

Yun Lutgen

Jaren Marler

Jeff Warren

Kelli Warren

Mike Meziere

Kathleen Cordingley

Ben Cordingley

Angela Kim

Diana Marler

Jim Sykora

Blake Hobbs

Madison Robertson

Michael Peck

Makenzie Zima


FIRST Infinite Recharge, is a challenge where two teams of three robots compete to score foam dodgeballs in specific targets. The robots are also tasked with the challenge to climb and balance on a swinging rung at the end of the match to receive extra points.

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