Our Team




Alejandro Rivera
Angel Toral
Christian Mueller
David Dominguez
Eli Uva
Genevieve Mueller
Isaac Sayasane
Jessica Kamman​
Kiana Tristan
Mateo Tristan
Otto DeWall​
Tori LeVier
Ysabella Celeste
Alexandra Neese
Brenda Rojas
Daisy Rojas Garcia
Diego Muñoz
Gabriel Robertson
Gianne Celeste
Jacob Brown
Jorge Flores
Luis Ramirez
Mathis Wouters
Ryan Bannon
Will Moffat​
Alexis Robertson
Carlos Chavez
Daniel Chavez
Dylan Thorp -
Gabrielle Powell
Grace LeVier
Jayden Schreiber
Josue Juarez
Makenna Myers
Michael Smith
Savannah Parker
William Allison


Mr. Tayler Uva
Mrs. Yun Lutgen
Mr. Jeff Warren
Mr. Mike Meziere
Mr. Ben Cordingley
Ms. Madison Robertson
Mr. Jim Sykora
Mr. Jaren Marler 
Mrs. Kelli Warren
Mrs. Kathleen Cordingley
Mr. Blake Hobbs

The Game


FIRST POWER UP,, the 2018 FIRST ® Robotics Competition game, finds our teams trapped in an 8bit video game! Teamsuse power cubes to defeat the boss.

Each three-team alliance has three ways to help defeat the boss:

1. Owning the scale or their switch. Ownership occurs when the scale or alliance’s switch is tipped in their favor. Robots collect and deliver power cubes to gain ownership.

2. Playing power ups. Alliances exchange power cubes for power ups. Power ups provide a timed advantage during the match. There are three power ups that can be played: Force, Boost, and Levitate.

3. Climbing the scale tower. Robots work together to climb the scale tower to face the boss.

Autonomous Period:

Robots operate independently following preprogrammed instructions for the first fifteen seconds of the match.

Alliances score points by:

  • Reaching their own autonomous line

  • Gaining ownership of the scale or their switch

Teleoperated Period:

Operators take control for the final two minutes and fifteen seconds of the match.Alliances continue to score points by:

  • Gaining ownership of the scale ortheir switch

  • Delivering power cubes to the alliance’s vault

  • Using power ups for a timed advantage

  • Parking on the scale platform or climbing the scale to face the boss

The alliance with the highest score at the end of the match defeats the boss and wins.

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Las Vegas





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