Our Team




Abraham Chavez
Alexis Robertson
Anne Nguyen
Breanna Gregor
Daniel Chavez
Edgar Plascencia
Estrella Sanchez
Giovanny Chamu
Jenika Lofton
Kiana Tristan
Mateo Tristan
Octavio Rodarte
Ryan Laverty
Vanessa Alcala
Yovana Soria
Adam Walls
Andrew Song
Ashton Michel
Brenda Rojas
Delaney Martinez
Eli Uva
Evan Shaplin
Ian Szalai
Josue Juarez
Luis Ramirez
Melissa Quintero
Pariss Tran
Sabrina Nguyen
Vanessa Orozco
Ysabella Celeste
Alejandro Rivera
Andy Ly
Austin Rautenberg
Daisy Rojas Garcia
Diego Muñoz
Erik Dinh
Gabrielle Powell
Jacob Brown
Kevin Ramirez
Lukas Chalker
Michael Smith
Patrick Tran
Tatiyana Hodge
William Allison
Zachary Gregor


Mr. Tayler Uva
Mrs. Yun Lutgen
Mr. Jeff Warren
Mr. Mike Meziere
Mr. Ben Cordingley
Ms. Madison Robertson
Ms. Makenzie Zima
Mr. Jim Sykora
Mr. Jaren Marler 
Mrs. Kelli Warren
Mrs. Kathleen Cordingley
Mr. Blake Hobbs
Mr. Michael Peck
Ms. Angela Kim

The Game


In INFINITE RECHARGE, two alliances work to protect FIRST® City from approaching asteroids caused by a distant space skirmish

Each Alliance, along with their trusty droids, race to collect and score Power Cells in order to energize their Shield Generator for maximum protection. To activate sections
of the Shield Generator, droids manipulate their Control Panels after scoring a specific number of Power Cells. Near the end of the match, droids race to their Rendezvous Point to get their Shield Generator operational in order to protect the city!


:15 Autonomous:

Droids follow pre-programmed instructions and Alliances score points by:

Scoring Power Cells in the Power Port Moving from the Initiation Line

2:15 Driver-Controlled:

Drivers take control of the droids and Alliances scores points by:

Continuing to score Power Cells in Power Port Completing Rotation Control task
Completing Position Control task
Hanging from the Generator Switch

Getting the Generator Switch to the level position

Del Mar


Game Animation

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