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Episode IV: The Next Step

Week 4 is now coming to an end and the SuperNURDs are putting their all into finishing the robot. We started the week by going to a convention. Mechanical has made the frame for the practice bot and continued to prototype the climber. Electrical has successfully put all their components onto the robot in CAD and continued to teach rookies on the team. Software has designed the robot in code and has been guiding new members through the process. Fabrication has continued to cut and make prototypes. They have also started to work on a turret and take inventory. Business is working on finalizing Chairman's and Woodie Flowers, as well as Entrepreneurship and planning this year's brand.

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Brown for bringing food. Thank you parents for donating snacks to keep us fed during the meetings.

Following Meetings:

Monday 2/3/20 - 4:30 to 7:30

Wednesday 2/5/20 - 4:30 to 7:30

Friday 2/7/20 - 2:45 to 5:45

Saturday 2/8/20 - 9:00 to 6:00


Chairman's due 2/06/20 - 5 days away

Woodie Flowers due 2/06/20 - 5 days away

Del Mar Regional: 3/05/20 to 3/08/20 - 33 days away

Las Vegas Regional: 3/25/20 to 3/28/20 - 53 days away

"Every failure is a step to success." - William Whewell


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