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2021 FRC Game Design Challenge Reveal - FIRST Responders

The SuperNURDs present their 2021 FRC Game Design Challenge Game: FIRST Responders

Game Overview

Natural disasters are in the process of striking FIRST City! Teams from each alliance race to prevent damage, rescue CITIZENS, and restore infrastructure. There are two alliances, both consisting of three robots, that are working to help the city prevent and recover from natural disasters. The game field is split down the middle, so the alliances are unable to have physical interaction with each other.


At the beginning of the game, the robots start in the EVACUATION ZONE, or optionally hanging from one of the two CHAINS hanging from the HELICOPTER for bonus points. The first 20 seconds of the game are autonomous. The robots can score points by exiting the EVACUATION ZONE (the area under the HELICOPTER), and additionally preventing the AVALANCHE by putting the barricade in place, shooting WATER (5-inch rubber inflatable balls) into the FACTORY to cool it, and rescuing CITIZENS (bowling pins).

After autonomous ends, teleop begins; the teams take control of their robots and can continue to score by shooting WATER into the FACTORY to put out the FIRE, rescuing CITIZENS, and raising the two downed POWER LINES. If the alliance failed to barricade the AVALANCHE in autonomous, SNOW will fall onto the field, making it difficult to navigate the area, and difficult to retrieve the CITIZEN there as well. The FIRE in the FACTORY takes 70 WATER to contain. Robots can be preloaded with 10 WATER at the start of the game, and are able to restock at either the FIRE HYDRANT or the RESERVOIR. The FIRE HYDRANT (human feeder) can be used by teams to give their robots WATER. The RESERVOIR is an area on the field where WATER is available to be picked up and used by the robots. There are three CITIZENS throughout the field; one is under the AVALANCHE, one is in the FACTORY, and one is in the TUNNEL in the middle of the field. To score a CITIZEN, robots must bring them to the EVACUATION ZONE. Robots cannot shoot WATER or raise the POWER LINES while carrying a CITIZEN, and they are only allowed to carry one CITIZEN at a time. To raise a POWER LINE, one robot from each alliance must work together. Both of the two downed POWER LINES must be raised for the teams to get a ranking point.

When the teams are ready, they can earn points by getting to the EVACUATION ZONE. Teams can choose to climb one of the two CHAINS on the HELICOPTER as well. If all three robots on an alliance climb, while also holding a CITIZEN each, the team will gain a ranking point. This will, however, require three robots to climb on two CHAINS.

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