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Presentation Week | The Showcase

This weekend, the SuperNURDs presented our Game Design Challenge, and Chairman’s award to FIRST Judges. During these interviews we had a panel of students who presented our work to judges and held Q&A sessions with them. After a long journey to get to this point we were very excited to present all of our hard work. Our Chairman’s Team did a great job showcasing our outreach and demonstrating how we have adapted it this past year. Our Game Design presenters delivered a great presentation on our game, in addition to holding an awesome Q&A session. We also had our Dean’s list interview with our Software Lead, Ian, who’s interview was also a great success. The SuperNURDs had an excellent time presenting and can’t wait to see how the results turn out.

Our Game Design Challenge Presenters

Ian, Vanessa, Mateo, and Diego

Our Chairman's Presentation Team

Lexi, Mateo, and Brenda

Our Dean's List Nominee

Ian, Software Lead

Special thanks to our sponsor! #Qualcomm#Qualcommforgood


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