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Week 7 | The Final Countdown

We started off Week 7 by making great headway on our Game’s CAD model of the field. This week the Field Design Department finished the tunnel, the helicopter, the factory, and the avalanche field element designs. The Field Design department also put all of these CAD models into our top assembly and began preparing the field for its final render. The Game Branding Department created our game’s logo as well as logos to place on our field’s CAD. The Game Rules department began drafting their submission info describing what the game is about. In addition, they also made great progress on our game manual that is part of our supplementary information. The SuperNURDs made excellent progress on our game this week as we are approaching our submission due date on March 3rd! We can’t wait to finish and see how our game turns out!

Our Current Top Assembly

Our Helicopter Field Element

Our Factory Field Element

Our Power Line Field Element

Special thanks to our sponsor! #Qualcomm #Qualcommforgood


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