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Kickoff Day Recap | Week 0

The FRC 2022 game Rapid React!

The SuperNURDs are fortunate enough to be able to meet in person, so we had our entire team watch the kickoff livestream together. After the livestream, we split up in to four groups, each assigned with one or two sections of the manual. Each group read and and created abridged version of the manual, then presented it to the entire team. This is an effective way to make sure the entire team has a comprehensive understanding of the manual, and can generate many useful questions.

Next (after a break for lunch), we started discussing strategy. Our mindset is to come up with a game strategy, then design a robot to fit that strategy, and not the other way around. We started by thinking about auto, and what we wanted to accomplish during the auto period. Since auto points are doubled, plus the quintet giving an easier ranking point, we spent a lot time thinking possible auto paths and strategies. We have a simple five ball auto path conceptualized, but we haven’t done any actual programming or testing yet so that may not end up being viable (or physically possible).

Once we moved on to teleop, a lot of time was spent on trying to determine if climbing was worth it. We came up with some arbitrary point values for how much we expected to score in 30 seconds, and used those values to give an idea for how fast we would have to climb on each rung for the time spent climbing to be better than scoring cargo.

Here are some pictures of our whiteboards at the end of the day.

Written By: Ian Szalai


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