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Week 3 | Designing

Check out or Week 3 Recap Video!

Week 3 has been a slower one for us. We have made some good progress on our shooter though, and you can see in the week 3 recap video that we’re making shots from the terminal fairly consistently. We decreased the gear ratio on our shooter to 1.5:1 and have been able to make every shot from the terminal to about the edge of the tarmac with a fixed hood angle of 36 degrees. Our only adjustment is changing the flywheel rpm. This has led us to the decision that we’re going to have a two stage pneumatically actuated hood, with a more vertical angle that will let us make the closer tarmac and fender shots. We can just vary the rpm of the flywheel to adjust the range of the shooter. This has the benefit of being a lot faster than using a motor, as well being more simple a mechanism. We’re also close to reaching the maximum motor count (PDP) so removing a motor would help that as well. We have also completed some great progress on our robot's CAD.

Written By: Ian Szalai


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