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Week 4 | The Blueprint

Check out our Week 4 Recap Video!

During Week 4, our mechanical team has been working on our robots CAD model, and we have made great progress. We have finished CAD on the drivetrain, and on much of the shooter and climber. In addition, the Fabrication team began cutting out our drivetrain gearbox plates on our CNC, and began assembling our practice and comp robots’ drivetrains. Our school's metal shop teacher Mr. Beau has also been helping our team machine many of our parts. The programming team has also made great progress on our robots code and have finished many elements of it. The programming team also began testing out our robot’s gyroscope through a the use of navX, to align our turret. As a team we also created a pool of robot names, and voted on them deciding on the name “Aluminum Spider”, inspired by “Iron Spider” from marvel comics. The SuperNURDs are looking forward to finishing all of our CAD and can’t wait to cut out, assemble, wire and program what we have designed.


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